Say NO to these 10 interior design trends from 2023

Welcome to our latest blog post! As we embrace the new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the interior design trends that have dominated our spaces in the past year. While it’s always exciting to follow the latest styles, not all trends are meant to last. Today, we’re taking a closer look at ten interior design trends from 2023 that you might want to reconsider as you plan your future decor projects.


  1. The End of Concealed Collections


2023 saw a shift away from minimalist, hidden storage solutions to an open and expressive display of personal items. This year, it’s all about showing off those unique knickknacks and personal mementoes. Say goodbye to hidden storage and hello to cluttercore – a trend that encourages you to display your personality through your possessions.


  1. Rethinking the Open Floor Plan


The once sought-after open floor plans are making way for more intimate, multifunctional spaces. There’s a growing appreciation for smaller, cosier areas that offer both comfort and functionality. In 2024, we’re learning to love our space, no matter the size.


  1. A Colorful Departure from Beige


The era of bland greys and beiges is fading, making room for bold, saturated colours. This year, think about adding a splash of colour to your home with deep browns and other vibrant shades, bringing energy and life to your spaces. But of course, personal choices cannot be looked over!


  1. Waving Goodbye to Wavy Edges


The trend of curvy, blob-like furniture is taking a back seat to more structured, elegant forms. Scalloped edges are the new go-to design element, offering a refined and graceful aesthetic to your home.


  1. The Rise of Single-Colour Rugs


The once-popular high-pile, patterned rugs are being replaced by low-pile, single-color rugs. These offer a minimalist yet bold touch, allowing other decor elements to shine.


  1. Checkered Patterns Take a Back Seat


The ubiquitous (unlimited) checkerboard pattern is losing its charm. In its place, we’re seeing a rise in plaid and stripes, aligning with the sophisticated Old Money aesthetic. It’s time to refresh your patterns and embrace this new wave.


  1. Choose Real Plants Over Faux


Instead of opting for high-maintenance plants that are difficult to keep alive, choose greenery that suits your environment. This approach ensures sustainability and ease of care, making your green corner both beautiful and manageable.


  1. Prioritizing Comfort in Furniture


The days of choosing style over comfort are gone. This year, look for furniture that offers both form and function. Your home should be your sanctuary, and comfort is key.


  1. Embracing Personal Style Over Trends


As we move away from blindly following trends, focus on finding unique pieces that reflect your style. Make your space a reflection of you, not a carbon copy of the latest fad.


  1. Authenticity Over Imitation


Embrace the true characteristics of your space. Avoid creating fake architectural features and instead, celebrate what makes your home unique. Whether it’s accentuating the natural light or incorporating contemporary elements in a new build, authenticity is paramount. Let your home tell its own story, not littered by imitation.


In conclusion, as we wave goodbye to these outdated interior design trends of 2023, let’s remember that the heart of exceptional design is in creating spaces that resonate with our personal tastes and practical needs. Trends can be a source of inspiration, but they shouldn’t dictate how we design our homes. This year, let’s commit to thoughtful, individualistic choices that champion comfort, authenticity, and personal expression in our living environments. Happy decorating!


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