Arrangement Is Everything

Ever observed something in nature, interior design, or the way a dish is plated at a restaurant and sat there in awe of its beauty? You could never quite put your finger on what made it aesthetically so pleasing to your eyes.

Whether you chose to believe in a higher power called God, or on the laws of science, you can only agree that a seahorse, galaxy or a rose were all created with so much beauty.

The common thread that runs in the above mentioned elements of nature is the Golden Ratio/ the Fibonacci Sequence. This sequence gives us a predictable pattern in which things flow to create a certain pleasing rhythm. We can intentionally start bringing this sequence to life at our homes in terms of design or decor to leave the people who visit us in awe.
This isn’t only to create a sense of beauty, because at the end of it, if the installations set up at your home or the way you arrange your wardrobe all flow harmoniously, it brings a sense of calmness to the people residing there.
The Golden Ratio is found when a line is divided into two parts and the longer part (X) divided by the smaller part (Y) is equal to the sum of (X) + (Y) divided by (X), which both equal 1.618.
If the math confuses you, the best way to keep this in mind is to arrange the visually heavier objects in lesser proportions, flowing to the moderate and lighter visual object in an increasing proportion. The pictures shown below will give you a clearer understanding of this concept.

(Picture courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/konmari.co/, https://www.facebook.com/Storiesdesignstudio/)


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