Our Team

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Revathi Rao Gurram

Founder and Design Principal
Revathi is the founder of Stories Design Studio, artist by birth and interior designer by choice. She holds an MBA in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. Her exposure to construction sites at an early age inspired her to passionately play with spaces and paved her way to a career in interior design. Revathi enjoys using bright colors with suave and light palettes creating dramatic visual appeal in the process and gets her inspiration from her wanderlust. She loves to work with artisans who shape beautiful articles with their hands and tools. She is offend found at sites, closing interacting with the execution team, giving her an expert edge when it comes to developing designs that are practical and executable.

Revathi’s hobbies include creating beautiful acrylic paintings and exploring new ways of using paints. She is a master of many languages – fluent in English, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil.

Interior Designer

Mehreen is an Interior Designer at Stories Design Studio. An experienced design leader and a team player who is proficient in designing software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. Over a period of time she has developed key client relationships by providing design solutions that met project needs and budget. Her meticulous approach to design involves analysing every detail, timeliness, rational problem solving, questioning assumptions and celebrating essential functions. Mehreen loves her daily interactions with clients that leaves her inspired. She is a BSc graduate in Interior Designing and Management from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, who has worked on residential, commercial and hospitality sector projects.

Mehreen is an animal and nature lover who is also passionate about exploring the art, cuisine and architecture of different places she visits. She is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

Mehreen Tabassum


Husain is a Visualizer at Stories Design Studio. A man of relatively few spoken words, he believes in letting his creations do most of the talking. Certified in softwares such as 3ds Max and Photoshop, he also holds a diploma in Interior Designing. With a work ethic that includes long stretches of research and experimentation which motivates him to push further and transcend boundaries. With a calm approach and unwavering focus, he painstakingly creates true-to-life renderings.

He also enjoys the culinary arts and spends his days watching stand-up comedy as well as performing it. He is fluent in English, Malayalam and Tamil.

Husain Karukkan


Rabin is a Visualizer at Stories Design Studio. In addition to having completed his B.Com, he is certified in programs such as 3ds Max, AutoCAD and Lumion. A reliable and efficient team player, he is always eager to provide solutions and welcomes friendly interactions and is never too shy to dwell into deeper discussions. Through his continual pursuit of the next great idea, he drives himself to create, style and stitch together photorealistic representations with purpose and precision.

When he’s not sharpening his design language skills, he enjoys long drives, camping and trekking. He is fluent in English, Malayalam and Tamil.

Rabin Raffi

Site Supervisor

Keshav is a Site Supervisor at Stories Design Studio. He oversees and manages on-field operations to ensure that every project is executed as planned and delivered on time. A graduate of Arts & Design with a certification in AutoCAD, his strengths lie in planning, problem-solving and execution while maintaining quality. He likes to keep himself busy and is always on the lookout for innovative solutions and ways of improvement. A people’s person, he loves to share as well as learn from every interaction.

A sentimental individual, he enjoys conversations with kids and finds his motivation in literature. He is fluent in English and Hindi.

Keshav Sharma