How to Scale Molding Wall Design

Wall molding is the most affordable design for bedrooms. We do all these things many times. The subject of butting plays an important role in showcasing any rum. So today through this video we are going to learn how to do bedroom modelling with moulding.

First Come to the One Where You Have to Press Your Bed

after that as an example, your bed is ten feet. Now ten feet center means five feet. 

There must be five centers. If there is an example, it means that three feet’s beat of mine should come here. After that, the space left on both the sides was equal to two feet, so my basic furniture plan was that the side table was two feet, the side table was six feet and the side table was two feet.

After that you should know that your bed is going to be entitled to its own. So my suggestion is that in your case, you should know beforehand how big your headdress is.

So here my basic furniture is ready that my bed is eighteen inches and it is three feet in height. Now what to do after this, you have to keep one thing in mind Always.

Those which will come above it. If your electrical points are above, then you should mention those points beforehand. The points are twenty one inches from the center and the plate that we use is a three inch plate.


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