A Play With Sensuality

Sensuality, although it mostly carries a suggestive meaning, I believe it is something that helps us get in touch with ourselves on a deeper and stimulating level. Homes speak stories for themselves and initiate stories among people in it. Sensuality in design and decor is what creates a warm, comfortable and intimate environment so the stories are initiated. Keeping in mind the number and intensity of elements, sensuality can be brought into every room of the house. Some of the ways to create a pleasing and stimulating home environment for our senses are as follows:
  • Creating visual textures by having artwork, wallpapers, painted accent walls, printed fabrics for upholstery, etc.
  • Introducing tactile texture by having stucco walls, patterned or soft fabrics in terms of upholstery, rugs, curtains, etc.
  • Experimenting with lighting options in terms of shapes, intensity and colours
  • Sculptures and installations are a great way to draw attention
  • Introducing house plants that thrive in the weather that your city experiences
  • Having floral arrangements, incense, scented candles, etc to keep the sense of smell engaged
  • Combining colours that are easily found in nature with the ones that aren’t can bring a subtle sense of luxury. For example, magenta and purple are colours that cannot be easily found in nature. When they are paired with subtle beige shades, it can be stimulating
  • There’s a lot of speciality in having mirrors as it shows you you, which makes it personal and special
  • At Stories, we always speak of a child that gets scared of a witch in a fairytale who has pointed nose and hat, and has an angular built. But the same child responds positively to a character like Barney because of the softness to his frame. We are not very different from children, psychology wise. Incorporating softness and fluidity by having curved furniture pieces rather than linear ones can bring a sense of calm and balance to us.
It’s important to not let your senses wander because of it not having something to ground itself to. Stimulating your senses in a subtle way with the right amount of elements is key. (Picture courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/Storiesdesignstudio/)

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