RA Residence, Bangalore, Area: 5,600 sft


Adventures Of A Confused Chair: Lost In A Villa Of Whimsy & Wonder

“Hiya, I’m a chair. Yes, a chair, lost in a villa that’s a wild blend of farmhouse charm and contemporary glitz. I’ve got a crisis – where do I fit in?

Downstairs, it’s like a chic barn; – makes me feel like a country chair! The kitchen is an island of taste and gossip. Do I want in on those breakfast secrets? You bet!

The kid’s room? It’s a jungle gym! Slide, climbing wall, even funky tiles in the washroom. Being a chair there would be like joining the circus!

Don’t get me started on the bar units; – three of them, and each is a Picasso of glass. I’m feeling an identity crisis coming – Chair or bar stool?

Master bedroom? Oh, it’s a smartypants – squeezed in a walk-in closet without blocking a window. I could get used to that smart living!

And the third floor? It’s a kiddie kingdom with a mezzanine playground. Fun, fun, fun!

Where do I fit in? No idea! But one thing’s certain – wherever I end up, I’m sure to be a part of some hilarious family memories in this crazy, beautiful villa!”

“I’ve travelled the globe, but this home is my favourite spot!” – Chair