PU Residence, Bangalore, Area: 3,100 sft


A Dream Residence: Marrying Contemporary Flair with Earthy Vibes

A splendid abode tucked away in a gated community is everything a family of five had ever wished for. Spanning a generous 3,100 sq ft, this 4 BHK apartment is a perfect blend of contemporary design intertwined with earthy tones, making every corner radiate warmth and serenity.

At its heart is the master bedroom, boasting a lavish walk-in closet that allows homeowners to indulge in their sartorial choices. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring opulence at every step.

But what makes this residence stand out, even more, is its keen eye for individual tastes. One of the bedrooms, the DBR, mirrors the vibrant and stylish life of a teen diva, who wears her social media influencer badge with pride. Every piece of furniture and every accessory in this space screams style and charisma. Adjacent to it, the SBR stands as a haven for gaming enthusiasts. It’s not just a room, but a sanctuary where virtual battles are fought and high scores are set.

In essence, this home isn’t just about luxury; it’s about celebrating individuality, passion, and the unique dreams of each member. A true contemporary masterpiece!