ND Residence, Bangalore, Area: 5,100 sft


A Tapestry of Tones and Memories

Sprawled across a generous 5,100 square feet, the ND Residence is a canvas painted with deliberate contrasts. This abode is a harmonious blend of design and sentiment, where every corner tells a tale.

As you step inside, the common areas welcome you with an embrace of bold, dark hues. These spaces exude a sophisticated aura, setting a tranquil yet imposing tone that beckons guests to sink into their depths and resonate with their vibe. The play of shades is masterfully orchestrated, ensuring that the ambience remains welcoming yet retains its dramatic edge.

The transition from common spaces to the sanctuary of the bedrooms is marked by a shift to lighter, soothing shades. This clever use of colour not only delineates spaces but also bestows each room with its own unique identity.

However, the real masterpiece of this residence is the stairwell. It doesn’t merely connect the floors but also the generations of the family. Graced with a curated collection of family photos, it stands as a timeline of cherished moments. And as you ascend, the journey culminates with a statement statue on the landing, silently observing the tapestry of lives intertwined in the home.

ND Residence is not just a house; it’s a living memoir of love, art, and legacy.