CW Residence, Bangalore, Area: 4,500 sft


Bold Statements in Cosy Corners

Spread over an impressive 4,500 square feet, the CW Residence stands as a testament to contemporary artistry paired with the timeless comfort families yearn for. Crafted for a young family, this home doesn’t shy away from making bold impressions, yet every piece and every corner whisper warmth and functionality.

Upon entering, one is instantly captivated by the striking statues and art pieces that punctuate the living spaces. Each tells a tale; each evokes an emotion. These aren’t mere decorations; they’re expressions of the family’s zest for life and passion for art.

Yet the design’s genius lies in ensuring that this boldness never overshadows the home’s primary purpose: comfort. Dubbed the “hygiene” of CW Residence, functionality is interwoven seamlessly into its core. Open spaces, intuitive layouts, and easy access ensure the home remains a haven for its inhabitants.

The aesthetic charm amplifies with the calming embrace of pastel shades. Raw wood textures bring a touch of nature indoors, grounding the spaces in authenticity, while hints of denim infuse a playful yet sophisticated edge.

CW Residence is a blend of brave artistry and cosy living—the true epitome of a modern, evergreen home.