DO Residence, Bangalore, Area: 18,000 sft


Love’s Canvas Awaits Its Stories

Stretching grandly over 18,000 sq ft, the DO Residence is more than just a house; it’s an embodiment of dreams and romantic aspirations. Created with the hopeful heart of a bachelor eager to pen his family chronicle, the residence exudes an enchanting charm that beckons love to enter and stay.

The home’s design is a delicate tapestry of muted tones and neutral textures, allowing space for memories to colour its walls. Every corner and every shadow is a silent invitation for stories to unfold and for love’s melodies to echo.

And while the house brims with romantic undertones, the master bedroom is where the crescendo builds. Nestled within is a bold testament to passion: a sprawling walk-in closet painted in the most sensuous shade of red. It’s not just a space for garments, but a sanctuary for cherished moments and future promises.

In the heart of the DO Residence, love isn’t just an emotion; it’s the very essence of its design. Here, romance doesn’t knock on the door; it’s built into the walls, awaiting the beautiful journey of a family that’s soon to be.