BG Residence, Bangalore, Area: 5,800 sft


A Victorian Muse with Modern Whimsy

Nestled within the safe embrace of a gated community, the BG Residence unfolds as an independent 2-story villa spanning 5,800 sq ft. Tailored perfectly for a family of four, it’s not just a home, but an artwork of time, where Victorian elegance intertwines with modern creativity.

Upon entering, the double-height ceiling of the living room unfurls its grandeur, offering the perfect stage for mesmerising chandeliers that twinkle like distant stars. The sheer magnitude of this space evokes awe, adding layers of luxury to everyday living.

Proceed to the first floor, and you’ll encounter the “man’s wall.” It’s more than just a wall; it’s a narrative of his tastes, seamlessly accommodating a bar unit, a bookshelf, a TV unit, and a study. A singular space where he gets to cast his creative spell
The children’s bedrooms are a testament to contrasting imaginations. While one dives into the enchanting realm of Harry Potter, casting spells and chasing adventures, the other embraces the serenity and simplicity of minimalism. Meanwhile, the master bedroom speaks a timeless language, exuding a classical aura with soft pastel hues, intricate wall art, and pockets of greenery. This villa isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a journey through time and fantasy.