Every great design begins with an even greater story.

Stories Design Studio, is a luxury interior design firm based out of Bangalore, with a widespread reach having done projects locally, nationally and internationally. Inspired by travel, nature, art, literature, architecture and fashion, Stories Design Studio boasts a diverse portfolio of projects from residential to commercial, hospitality, clinic, farm house, retail outlets, art direction and set production of an Indo Australian movie and even a tree house.
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As interior designers, we turn spaces into art, imagination into design and your memories into Stories


We are dreamers, visualizers, the best interior designers in Bangalore, and planners whose focus is to bring your space to life, with its very own personal story. That’s because we believe there is always a story waiting to be told, in every space that we work with.

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What our Clients say

Oasis Reddy

“Stories Design Studio are the new age interior designers. I simply love their designs keeping in mind the client’s requirements as well”

Lakshmi & Prathap

“It was a total pleasure to work with Stories team throughout the engagement on our project. Overall approach through understanding our desires and basic needs to the smallest detail. Indeed, a case study material”

Rohini Gadre

“We are ecstatic about the results the team achieved. It is a true testament to their talent that relatives, friends and guests who visit our renovated home are in awe of the transformation”

Ishani Tripathi

“Almost everything we wanted demanded customization, that too in multiple dimensions. Certainly, our project put the team out of their comfort zone and they responded by doing their study, reaching out to artisans and vendors from Chennai to Mysore to Mumbai to get done the kind of work we wanted – all these during pandemic and the pandemic induced restrictions”

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Luxury Interior Designer In Bangalore


Bangalore, often hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, isn’t just about its IT hubs and tech parks. Within its vibrant streets lies a world of luxury and sophistication, brought to life by the city’s top interior designers. And at the pinnacle of this world stands the name ‘Stories’.

Stories isn’t just another interior design company in Bangalore; it’s a hallmark of luxury and grandeur. Recognized as the best interior designers in Bangalore, they believe that every space, be it a home, an office, or a commercial establishment, has its narrative. Their approach to design goes beyond merely beautifying a space; it’s about weaving a tale—your tale.

Whether you’re giving a fresh look to your ancestral home, setting up a plush new apartment, or aiming to elevate the ambience of your office or commercial space, the Stories team ensures every nook reflects elegance, every hue narrates a story, and each space exudes comfort and functionality.

Not limited to just residential projects, Stories excels in transforming offices and commercial areas into spaces of creativity, productivity, and luxury. They understand that the right environment can boost productivity and leave lasting impressions.

In the vast canvas of interior design, Stories isn’t just shaping spaces; they’re curating legacies. For those who accept nothing but the best in residential or commercial design, Stories is the ultimate choice in Bangalore.