RR Residence, Bangalore, Area: 5,700 sft


A Whimsical Tour: Tom and Jerry Explore RR Residence

Tom and Jerry, while on a mischievous escapade, found RR Residence, a 5,700 sq ft two-story villa, and decided to give us a tour. Tom, eyeing the double-height living room ceiling, imagined swinging from chandeliers, while Jerry envisioned hide-and-seek in the mega-sized master bedroom. They explored amenities like a walk-in wardrobe, a study, a dresser, and a projector wall, with Tom thinking of watching shows and Jerry considering cosy naps.

They also showcased the guest bedroom with a queen-sized pull-out bed, joking about surprises and bouncing antics. Throughout the tour, the duo appreciated the renovation that reflects nature and the residents’ personalities, combining modern contemporary and cosy neutral styles. The art installations sparked their imaginations, from cheese sculptures to cat-themed décor. The tour with Tom and Jerry provided a whimsical glimpse into their animated world, highlighting the potential fun and adventures they could have in such a diverse and harmonious space.