A Garden In The concrete Jungle

As the current chaotic social and medical climate mandates the citizens to stay safe indoors, people are revisiting their passion projects and hobbies. This is keeping their emotional health under check.

If you’re wondering which hobby to onboard now, gardening is a great option.

Since it requires lesser commitment, resources and time, it is a hobby that can be continued even when your daily life starts to entail various commitments that require you to spend most of your time away from home.

Considering the precautions we need to be taking right now, our advice is that you grow houseplants that wouldn’t require regular visits by a gardener for the maintenance.

Before you take up this hobby, here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. Q) Which plants would fulfill the purpose of this hobby?


  • Air purification – Money plant, Peace lily, Spider plant
  • Home decor element – Foxtail fern, Croton, Jasmine, Marigold, Poinsettia, moss walls
  • Kitchen pantry – Turmeric, Sprouts, Chillies, Mint, Lemongrass
  • Alleviating stress/anxiety – Aloe vera, Peace lily, Snake plant, Jasmine (The above mentioned examples can be an answer for more than one purpose)
  1. Q) Does my city experience of extreme winds, rain or heat affect my plants?
  2. A) The answer to this lies in the positioning of your plants in the most optimum way so that they aren’t affected by the extremities
  3. Q) How should the plants be set up so they can thrive in the long run?
  4. A) Some of the plants may need just a small pot, while some may require a heavy earthen pot that is deep for their roots to spread out
  5. Q) Do the plants I wish to grow require ample sunlight and watering?
  6. A) Some plants can thrive with little to no sunlight while some may need it for only a few hours a day. Check if you have a spot by a window or a balcony that receives some sunlight. Not all house plants require daily watering. Depending on your schedule, chose plants that you’d best be able to take care of
  7. Q) What about the maintenance?
  8. A) Regularly wiping the leaves of some larger plants can help the plant breath by not letting dust settle on top of it. An easy compost option would be to crush clean, dried eggshells and spread it in the pot. Weeds need to be pulled out regularly, and plates below the pots need to be cleared often as stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Houseplants are nothing but a reminder to embrace some down time and take care of ourselves in the process of taking care of them. Since the times are changing now thereby paving the way for a new normal, it’s wise to adapt by incorporating hobbies that not only serve you healthy ways, but also make your home look beautiful.

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