We turn spaces into art, imagination into design and your memories into stories.

We are dreamers, visualizers, interior designers, architects, planners, and builders whose focus is to bring your space to life, with its very own personal story. That’s because we believe there is always a story waiting to be told, in every space that we work with.

We are inspired by art, nature, and science to integrate these three disciplines in unique ways to build humanistic, functional, and creative spaces – be it residential, office, or commercial.

Our eye for meticulous details helps us to understand client needs, formulate seamless design strategies, and fashion flawless spaces for those who matter the most to us - you.

Because when it comes to the unspoken story of design, most spaces have a lot to say, provided they get the chance.

Stories Design Capabilities

We Design

We apply creative, aesthetically attractive, and technical solutions within a structure to achieve the desired environment.

Stories Execution Capabilities

We Execute

Precision, punctuality, and professionalism allow us to transform designs on paper into real-world wonders. Experiencing our team at work is like poetry in motion.

Stories Style Capabilities

We Style

Are you looking for re-fashioning your space for a special occasion? We have outstanding ideas and customized solutions to refresh and make your space beam like never before.

We operate in the following Categories

- Retail
- Commercial
- Residential
- Tree Houses
- Hospitality
- Institutes
- Corporate
- New Age Spaces

Your Space,
Your Stories

We believe that within every space lies a story waiting to be told. We design spaces with special attention to detail and emphasis on craftsmanship. Because whenever you return to your space, we believe that it should always make you and your guests feel even more special, than the last time you were there. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to leave at all. Contact us now to learn how we can help bring your space, your story, to life.

The Black Tray Stories Design

The Black

We believe in exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and textures to inspire us with new ideas. Similar materials can be paired with novel ones to create completely new space design and multi-sensory experiences for our clients.

We have been collecting and growing The Black Tray - our material library - ever since our inception. During our interactive meeting with clients, we take pride in presenting Black Trays full of a personalized material palette curated especially in line with the vision discussed. This allows for an informed decision and provides them a direct visual into the look, feel, and texture of their space story that we have crafted especially for them.

Our Black Tray includes materials curated from the best brands across the world including India, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Japan.

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