5 Residential Projects i Like And Why I Like Them

A brief walk-through

Vacation HOMES
Architect : Peter Zumthor

In the mountains above Vals, Switzerland, lies two wooden houses.

Peter Zumthor built it as a holiday home for him and his wife Annalisa. She came across the site one day while strolling through the area when she was the director of thermal baths in Vals only 2 km away, which her husband had designed.
Apart from it being in a picturesque mountain- side plot, the most beautiful thing about this house is the windows. They span from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

The furniture around this house does not ob- struct the view from flowing inside. In addi- tion, it becomes a part of the frame. To put it in Zumthor’s own words, “Walking through the house means moving from view to view”. One cannot describe it better.

Apartment Interior

A small apartment facing the sea in Mumbai is designed by Samuel Barclay, the founder of Case Design Studio.

The soft background of grey walls, small brass fixtures, wooden flooring with inlaid terrazzo and contemporary furniture creates a simple, beauti- ful and yet functional space.

The floor tile intentionally showing the grout for texture is similar to Carlo Scarpa’s Olivetti Show- room. Here it is beautifully laying with burma teak wooden texture that creates an enclosure for the grouted tile.

To sum up, this project stands out as contem- porary tropical and is spread out in a way that forces us to appreciate details.

ArchitECTS : Architecture Brio

This 80 sqm apartment in the heart of Mumbai city, has all the functions spaced out strategically and with flexibility.

This is the home of Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt, Principal architects at Architecture Brio. The apartment consists of Living and Dining, an open kitchen, Master bedroom, Daughter’s bed- room, Bathrooms, Study and a pantry.

The walls that once fragmented each space has been converted to storage units, sliding panels or even objects. And that gave each space an option to interact with each other by letting one room expand to the next, while also giving privacy to the bedrooms.

ArchitECTS : CharlES and Ray EAMES

Charles and Ray Eames were a design couple that significantly influenced modern architecture and furniture designs. Many of their furniture designs are considered contemporary classics, particularly the Eames lounge chair.

The Eames house, built in 1945, designed to serve as their home and studio is a landmark of mid-century modern architecture. This raised steel and glass house is segregated into two parts: the residence and the studio space. And it is divided by a courtyard. Each piece of furniture is also designed by the couple.

This seminal work of modernism still influences the contemporary spaces and furniture designs that we enjoy even today in our homes or offices.

Family Retreat
ArchitECTS : Palinda Kannangara

Located close to the paddy fields and woodlands of Malabe, Sri Lanka, this house enables a life in close proximity to nature.
As a second home of a Buddhist scholar and his family, it is a perfect environment for pursuing passions for gardening or writing. The scholar is supposedly working on his next book.

The entire house is passively ventilated with serene courtyards, pond, green roofs and green wall. The use of stone and wood and simple co- lours and textures lets the house blend with the environment seamlessly.


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